1. Get the Hong Kong warehouse address after registration in BUYANDSHIP website. And fill in this address as the shipping address in HELLOMORIKOREA.
  2. We will send you the shipping number by email after delivery. You can check your order details in HELLOMORIKOREA for declarance.
  3. When the package has arrived at the Hong Kong warehouse you yourself can arrange the global shipment in BUYANDSHIP website.

  1. 於BUYANDSHIP註冊帳戶後, 取得香港倉庫地址, 並填寫至本站訂單中作為收件地址.
  2. 本站發貨後會以電郵形式發送運單號碼, 並可在本站登入你的帳戶查看訂單內容以便於BUYANDSHIP網站申報.
  3. 貨品到達BUYANDSHIP香港倉庫後便可由你自行安排轉運至你本人的收貨地址.

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